Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bob Barker, COME ON DOWN!!!

Now that the pet population is finally under control and he's harrassed his quote of Barker's Beauties, TV icon Bob Barker is announcing his retirement from the Price is Right. In honor of this, today we'll ask the question, what's your favorite Price is Right game?

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BRATCH said...

Man, I love me some Price Is Right games. As a kid my favorite was Plinko and I still like it, but I'm a pretty big fan of spinning the wheel now to make the showcase showdown.

Mainly because you can gauge a person's intelligence and/or personality by how they play.

Some have enough arrogance to think they can actually make a pefect dollar to dollar spin, since we all know the wheel must go around at least once. They are in it for the money at the wheel not thinking about the $50,000 worth of prizes they are screwing themselves out of. These are the folks who get nickels and lose with 35 cents.

Some get up there and don't even try and just pull it as hard as they can and hope luck get thems in. They are generally failures and don't even try to strategize their play. Or they are weak.

Then you have those that make a safe play to get two rotations out of the first spin and shoot for high change. If they get a dollar great, but they are in it for the showdown. Then they stack up the change and might shoot for a dollar total and get some cash, but they are keeping their eye on the showdown.

Those are the smart people who aren't just glad to be there, they are trying to fleece Bob of all the cash and prizes they can get their grubby mitts on.