Friday, November 17, 2006

Best Game Console Of All Time

the PS3 mania and shooting had me thinking, what's the best game console of all time? This is a perfect question for the board as everyone on this board has been alive for all of the console's debuts except for Pong maybe.

Obviously the latest are the best in graphics and gameplay. But which console changed the world more than any other? Which one really shook things up?


Let's hear some worthless opinions.


Piccu said...

I think as of right now the best is the PS2, but I have never owned an XBox so I have a small frame of reference.

I do think the the one that changed everything and made the biggest impact on gaming is the original Nintendo. I can't think there would be any argument over that. This was the first system that allowed you to play video games that looked just like the arcade games and not blocks that resembled your favorite arcade characters. Also Super Mario Bros. is the greatest game of all time. It changed everything we knew about gaming.

The Nintendo can be blamed for hooking the world on console gaming.

Travis said...

Nintendo started it all for me too. I think there's an argument to be made for Atari. Talk about doing a whole lot with meager technology. There were some great Atari games that people still love. I cut my video game teeth on Atari and it will always be cool in my book to be good at Galaga, PacMan, or Frogger.

BRATCH said...

I'll tell you why the Nintendo changed gaming. Up until that point 99 percent of games were all about getting high scores. With the Nintendo and Super Mario Brothers, few of us cared about scores even though one was displayed on the screen. We wanted to get to the end and finish the story.

Now scores, if tallied at all, aren't displayed and you have to dig through a menu to find them.

It's all about the story today. Most of the great games coming out now are practically movie productions.

As far as the best, I would have to say the PS2. The library of games is enormous, but the PS3 has the potential of ushering in a new generation if the game makers can harness its power.