Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Breaking News: O.J. has found the real killer, it's himself.

Good Lord, talk about onions. O.J. is back and just when you think he couldn’t be any more of a scum bag than he already is, check this out. O.J. reportedly has a book coming out on Nov. 30 entitled, If I Did It. What is this book about you ask? It is about how O.J. would have gone about killing Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. This guy has got balls. I guess he figures he has no chance at ever being accepted into society again, so what the hell. Everyone knows he did it, at least anyone with a quarter of a brain. What has he got to lose?

In addition to the new book, FOX (of course) is blessing us with a two part special with O.J. called O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened. FOX is the same network that brought us When Animals Attack, Man vs. Beast, and The World’s Deadliest Toddlers, or something like that. Early word coming from the set is that O.J.’s hypothetical take on the murders are pretty spot on. It is almost as if he HAD done it.

I am not one to call for someone’s death, but would any of us really miss O.J. if someone decided to put him out of his misery? I can’t imagine O.J. having such a great life. It’s obvious that he needs money or at least wants even more notoriety; otherwise he would just stay on the golf course looking for the real killers, instead of “hypothesizing” about murdering people. It is a shame that this case wasn’t tried today. Today when people hear DNA, your a#* is grass. I guess the science was too new for the jurors to believe, either that or the jurors were congenital idiots, but I digress.

I think we can go ahead and nominate O.J. for scum bag/d-bag of A.D. As of right now, it’s his to lose.

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Travis said...

Unfortunately the best thing we could all do is ignore this scumbag. It's unfortunate because that will never happen. It's too incredible to ignore.

Our thoughts are the Fox could make a series out of this.

1. O.J.
2. The second gunman on the grassy knoll
3. Caiaphas

You get the point.