Friday, December 01, 2006

Are You Happy Sharon Stone?

Years after the most famous crotch shot in cinematic history, the orifice has found its way back into the news.
It's no surprise that Britney Spears is doing anything she can to keep her skanky self in the news, but I must admit that even I am a bit shocked by this one. Purposely opening yourself up for the paparazi to get shots of regions is probably the most desperate cry for attention I've seen.
And of course if you mention the word skank, who else should come to mind but Paris Hilton. The woman who is famous for being famous has been seen with Britney who is the mother of two I might add, drinking, partying, rubbing up on guys and skipping out on wearing underwear.
And that's not enough, why not throw Lindsay Lohan into that mix. My goodness these former Disney Princesses have a way of really hitting bottom don't they? Who would have thought that Christina Aguilera would end up the "normal" one?
So now we've got three skanks walking around allowing any camera with a zoom to zoom in on their "special purpose." And this is what we've come to. This is it. Admit it, you've always wondered where it would get. When it was fashionable to dress slutty, then became fashionable to show cleveage, then fashionable to have a sex tape, now its fashionable to flash your cha-cha.
Back to one point before I leave this subject. Britney Spears is a mother. Think about your mother for a minute. What's the most embarassing thing she's ever done to you? A silly Halloween outfit? Wiping your face with a Kleenex moistened with her own saliva? Maybe she's even the town drunk. But you know what, at least you're not Britney's kids. My goodness there have to be shrinks lining up outside that house like lawyers chasing an ambulance. Good luck kids. We'll be seeing you on E!'s True Hollywood Stories soon enough.


Piccu said...

Did you see the headline on Yahoo? "Britney's Crotch Shots Take the Web by Storm" That's great. At least now no one has to wish she would do Playboy, she has practically done Hustler with these shots.

I can understand getting caught like this once, but three or four times in one week? It is no coincidence. As jaded and cynical as I may claim to be, I can't believe that she is trying to get her coochie-coochie photographed. It doesn't scream "take me seriously as an artist" to me. Although, this type of publicity seems to be right up Paris' alley.

I read in one article where people are saying that Britney is the new Tara Reid and if you ever want to be relevant for more than being a skank and a laughingstock, you better try to ditch that rep quickly.

As for Brit's kids, her being out drinking and partying may be the best thing for them. It means that someone else is raising them. Sure they may have issues later on, but they would probably have bigger issues if they had to live with mommy or daddy 24/7.

Travis said...

There's no hope for the planet earth.

Seriously, has anyone recently wanted to see Britney in Playboy. I thought that was the case when she was in her "Slave for You" video, but in the last year she's pure trailer park trash.

You may be right about those kids. Either way, they're going to end up very screwed up.

BRATCH said...

You know who I blame? The makers of mini-skirts and low-riding sporty convertible automobiles. When these two products are combined bad things happen.

If the skirts weren't so short and the cars weren't so close to the ground Britney could keep her business under wraps.

Of course, one would think after the first shot of one's hoo-ha made rounds across the internet, one would learn to be a little more careful.