Monday, November 20, 2006

Tuesday is a big day for fans of Idol, Rockstar:SuperNova, KISS, and Seinfeld.

Good news, good news, tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 20, is a big day in the world of DVD/CD releases. For American Idol fans, and more specifically, all you Chris Daughtry fans, you can pick up Chris’ new album. I think it is called Daughtry and I believe that is the name of his band. I bet those guys love that. I have absolutely no interest in this, just like about 90% of all American Idol fans. I love the singers on the show, but I wouldn’t be caught dead buying their cd.

Speaking of wouldn’t be caught dead buying their cd, Rockstar:SuperNova’s debut comes out tomorrow. Like American Idol, I loved the show, but with Udo(Lukas) as their lead singer, I can’t imagine being able to enjoy the music. Speaking of RockStar:SuperNova, if you go to the iTunes podcast section and search for Rock ‘n’ Roll Geek Show, I recommend downloading it. In the latest edition, the host, Michael Butler, and a friend of his preview a song on the new cd and chat about it.

Also, as a bonus, the first part of the latest Rock ‘n’ Roll Geek Show is a listen to a bootleg Paul Stanley show that the host went to. It doesn’t have a whole lot of music because Butler is scared the KISS Army lawyers will sue his face off, but he plays all the stage patter and I thought it was pretty cool. But then again I am a huge KISS geek.

Speaking of KISS, we have the only cd release I will buy this week, the KISS Alive box set/collection. I told you about this a few weeks ago and it includes KISS Alive 1-3, as well as the 4th version that was never released. The 4th looks like KISS circa Psycho Circus tour. This will be a great companion to your already purchased DVD collection, KISSology Vol. 1.

On DVD this week we have the release of Seinfeld Season 7, I will pick this up in addition to the KISS Alive collection. I already have the first 6 seasons and I see no reason to stop now. Some of the episodes included are, The Maestro, The Marble Rye, The Cadillac, The Wig Master, The Bottle Deposit, and the all time great Soup Nazi. Luckily I won $50 in an NFL knockout league on Sunday so I have free money to buy these things. Unfortunately I lost the $240 I would have won if I finished first. I curse Donovan McNabb, a pox on his team.


BRATCH said...

I don't think Donovan needs your curse. A torn ACL is about as cursed as you can get when you are a professional athlete.

Piccu said...

Here are a couple of other new releases coming out today, but they are a little obscure. There is a new release from some obscure hip-hop artist named Gee-Z or JZ or something like that. And there is a new remastered remixed cd from some English band called the Beetles. So there are two other ones for your listening pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up about Chris's cd. I will check it out. I do want to buy the Supernova cd, as well as the Happy Feet soundtrack.