Monday, November 06, 2006

An Inauspicious Start

You know your week will go bad when it starts like this.

I went out for a nice morning run this morning. It was very nice outside. Cool, but not cold. The sweatshirt I was wearing was just to get the body temp up a bit. I could have gone without it. On the way out from the house I ran past a German Shepherd mix and a black lab who noticed me, but didn't seem to mind me. Good.

On the way back in I noticed the two dogs were nearer to the end of the driveway. In fact, the lab was out in the street. The shepherd started barking first. No big deal because he didn't move. Then the lab turned around and sprinted toward me. I kept running, remembering that if you don't show fear they'll leave you alone. I don't know where I heard that. It must have been the Liars Weekly Journal because the dog sprinted past me only long enough to come at me from behind.

I guess I've either got the advantage because I'm warmed up or I'm at the disadvantage because my overweight self is already tired. It turned out to be the latter. The dog's in hot pursuit and it's gaining rapidly. I turn to jab step toward the dog, hoping to spook it and trigger it's flight instinct. I spooked it, but it didn't last over a nanosecond and he takes off after me again.

Now I'm sprinting (which is kind of like watching a hippo going full tilt, it ain't pretty but the speed is adequate) Praise God the dog gave up. Honestly. I'm not being blasphemous, I'm very thankful because if that lab had caught me I'd have a big bloody dog bite to tend to first thing on a Monday morning. Instead, I got a good workout. I think I'll get him a Milkbone as a reward for the motivation.

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