Friday, October 20, 2006

We have a new nominee for Moron of the Year, Jake J. Brahm

I assume that many of you have heard the nasty rumors going around about certain NFL stadiums being targeted for some sort of terrorist attack. The powers that be have already said that this was a hoax earlier in the week. Why someone would do this, who knows. Well, the hoaxster has been busted and it appears to be some hippie in Wisconsin. Why do I think he is a hippie? Because he worked at a co-op health food store. Click the link for the story and this guy’s high school picture.

Who, in this day and age, spreads internet hoaxes about terror attacks for a month online? Did this idiot think that the authorities don’t monitor internet chatter for things like this? The government already listens to our phone conversations, I think they would have no problem reading your chatter on Geeks ’R’ Us. This guy is being busted at a time that President Bush can declare him or anyone an “enemy combatant” and send him to Gitmo never to be heard from again.

I am not sure who the moron of the year should be. We have the guy who confessed to killing JonBenet. We have President Bush for just being President Bush. Mark Foley for being at best a skeevy old creep and at worst a pedophile. And now we have Jake J. Brahm, the douche bag who thought it would be cool to make terror threats at a time crap like that is not something you want to put out there. I am afraid that even writing about this numbskull will cause the FBI to start a file on me.

Let this be a lesson to you kids, don’t be stupid. Flush a cherry bomb down the school’s or co-op’s toilet, set off a stinkbomb while playing hackey-sack, those are relatively safe pranks. Look at this guy’s picture, if he thought high school was torture; wait until the government breaks out the old waterboarding. It makes swirlies look like a fun way to wash your hair.

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