Thursday, October 19, 2006

KISS is back, shockingly with music.

Just when you think KISS can’t find anything else to sell, they come out with their own signature fragrance. I know I have always wanted to smell like Ace Frehley, but something more important is happening in the world of KISS. And oddly enough it is focused on the music, live music, that is. Apparently KISS will be screening a 1976 concert from Detroit for one night only in select theaters throughout the nation. Unfortunately for Bratch and me, we live in the country’s armpit and will have to travel to Louisville or Lexington to see this show. I am not opposed to doing this by the way, hint, hint.

Besides that, KISS will be releasing a boxed set of all their live recordings, including remastered editions of Alive, Alive II, Alive III, and the previously unreleased Alive IV on Nov. 21. That might be something worth looking into, even though I own the first three editions in some form of recording. Also on Halloween, KISS fans will be getting a two disc DVD set of concerts and backstage footage called KISSology Vol.1 1974-1977. Those were good years, before KISS cologne and KISS caskets.

All in all, it looks like a KISS bonanza for Bratch and I this fall. While the Alive box set intrigues me, I will definitely be checking out KISSology. Click the link for Kiss On the Big Screen and for locations where you can see it.

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