Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Heroes is a Hit

Heroes is just a little bit X-Men, just a little bit X-files. But it’s entertaining. My wife and I have gotten into watching it after the first two episodes.

The premise of the show is that five strangers in different parts of the world have begun discovering that they have strange abilities.

There’s the cheerleader who is indestructible. There’s the nurse who can fly (and maybe his brother can as well.) There’s the Japanese office worker who can bend space and time. There’s a policeman who can hear people’s thoughts.

The two most compelling characters are the heroin addicted artist who predicts the future in his paintings. Including one where New York City is flattened by a possible nuclear bomb. And my personal favorite, the single mother who blacks out and when she comes to, she’s killed two men. The video that was rolling showed nothing, but you could hear some pretty freaky stuff going on (that’s the X-files part.)

It’s been interesting to say the least. If you can make room in your Veronica Mars filled life for another show, make it Heroes.


Orelinde_03 said...

I have to agree with you 110% on this pick for a tv show. Although I conked out last night 1/2 way through it...it is a keeper. I was thinking it is X-Files-ish too.

It is a mix of mystery, science-fiction, and compassion.

Thus far my two favorites are the single mom and the painter.

Piccu said...

I have made way for this show and I find it very interesting. It is no Veronica Mars, but it is pretty good for a new show. I just wonder if Marvel will be suing anyone for basically ripping off the X-Men.

I have also found the new show Kidnapped to be very good. Even though it is a show that you have to watch every episode, you can still get in on it this Wednesday on NBC without being too far out of the loop.

Piccu said...

By the by, if you are looking for an X-Files type show, then check out Supernatural on the CW every Thursday. It is like X-Files on crank.

Travis said...

I've been watching SuperNatural since it debuted. That show is intense. I love it.

BRATCH said...

I don't really watch TV, but I'm sure this is all very interesting.

However, I guess we are going to Big Kev's tonight to watch Lost. I must say that it has "lost" me. Too much hype going around for a show that can make 3 shows out of a single script by rearranging it.

Piccu said...

You just like shows that are stupid. Like Stargate SG-1, R/C Rock Climbing, and what not.

You don't watch TV and you want to do a podcast?

Orelinde_03 said...

I don't think they can sue the writter of Hero's for ripping off 'X-Men'. Being that they're not using any of the same powers yet, or referencing any characters. More importantly, there had been a show called Mutant X that used to be on tv.

SuperNatural absolutly rocks! Watched it from day one, and just think it's great.