Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Heroes Heating Up

Heroes continues to inch toward something big happening. Meanwhile, lots of interesting small things are going on.

What we know:
  • The cheerleader is in danger, most likely from her father who is most likely the main bad guy, Sylar (spelling?)
  • Hiro is going to be a big time player in all of this as he came back from the future to speak to the younger Petrelli (Peter) telling him to save the cheerleader, save the world.
  • Peter's ability to fly may not be the only power he posseses, as he was able to finish Isaac's heroin inspired painting.
  • The older Petrelli is as greasy as fried Spam.
  • Next Ali Larter goes ballistic on her ex, who I think may be helping Sylar.

What we don't know:

  • When all these people will get together.
  • Who is responsible for the bomb (just six weeks into the future) that threatens NYC.
  • Why is Sylar doing what he's doing and does he have powers?
  • How the pyschic cop fits in.

Either way, what a great show.


Piccu said...

Here's what I know, I'm so behind in my DVRing with baseball and football and trips to SC that I am two weeks behind on Heroes. I can't read this until next week.

BRATCH said...

Here's some other stuff.

First off, I don't think the cop is psychic. I'm thinking he just reads people's thoughts/minds.

Second, I don't think Peter's power is flight. I'm pretty sure he just takes on the power of people around him. When he wasn't around the dude that could fly(his brother?), he couldn't fly. That's why he could channel the heroin addict painter's ability to paint the future.

Peter is basically Rogue from the X-Men except he doesn't have to touch them to get their power and channeling their power won't kill them.

I watched the marathon Sunday night, but unfortunately I doubt I'll ever see it again.

Travis said...

But Peter mentioned that he had channeled the future into a vision before, but wasn't able to draw it any better than stick figures. But you may be right.

You're right about the cop, he just reads thoughts. Psychic was a bad choice of words.

If you'd get a real job with a set schedule, you'd enjoy this normal life that I lead for yourself.

BRATCH said...

Some of us have to attend sporting events.

Just remember when you are writing that fat check to WKU for your season basketball tickets that I get into all my games for free...

And I'm getting paid.