Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gay marriage!!!! That should get us some hits...

Here in the office we were discussing political advertisements that we have been seeing on TV. Unfortunately for those of us in Kentucky, we are relegated to watching Indiana political ads since our closest TV stations are based in Evansville.

November is just around the corner so the political ads are out in full force. A couple of days ago I mentioned to some of my co-workers that all of the political ads had nothing to do with improving anything. We've gone from a political landscape where false promises had to be made about cutting taxes to putting above all else making sure gay men and women can't get married and that no one can burn an American flag.

There is also the occasional, "we can't let the liberals get control," as if the Republicans are doing such a great job.

I honestly believe that I would rather have a politician lie to me and tell me that he's actually going to help me by cutting taxes or something of that nature, than to hear them tell me that he's going to make sure that my morals aren't compromised. That really bothers me. Especially the flag burning deal.

As far as I'm concerned, if you want to see some flags burned, pass a law saying it's illegal. They are going to have to put a stiff penalty on it if they think that any flag will be safe beyond that day, my friends. And frankly, I've never seen a flag burned in person and if I feel as though I don't want to see it on TV I can turn it to Sportscenter. There problem solved.

I had never really given gay marriage much thought until this week. I've always realized that it isn't a moral issue so much as it's an economic issue since there are hefty tax breaks with marriage. However, it did just dawn on me why the tax breaks mean so much.

See, there aren't all that many gay men and women in this country and if they got married it wouldn't mean too much of an economic hit to this country. However, I think the politicians need to tell the truth. The reason they are against gay marriage is because, people aren't stupid.

If they ever granted the tax benefits to same sex marriages, every straight guy on the planet would be trying to find a buddy who would marry them. All they would have to do is go through a 10 minute process, sign a few papers and then get fat checks in the mail every year at tax time.

I'm not saying that I would do such a thing, but I understand the concept and can appreciate its value.

However, I don't want my tax dollars being spent on my representatives arguing over moral issues. With everything going on in this world, these are the last things politicians should be discussing.

Lie, mud sling and lie some more, but don't waste time and money arguing about insignificant moral issues.


Piccu said...

You are forgetting the scourge of our nation. The ultimate nightmare for the downfall of the Republic is two gay men marrying and celebrating by burning a flag. I am afraid the world would just immediatly explode if that were to ever occur.

I am glad that these politicians are protecting my morals as they take money for legislation, cheat on their spouses, worship the almighty dollar, prey on the teenage pages and refer to Christians as nuts and goofy. Yeah, Washington, whether Republicans or Democrats, is the town I want to teach and protect morals.

Travis said...

FYI, the marriage tax break ain't that great.

Gay marriage is a bigger issue regarding insurance and benefits the way I understand it.

Politics. It's FANtastic!!

Piccu said...

I am beginning to wonder if voters can win either way they vote. It almost gets down to the point where I would vote for a dog just for something different.

I will still vote because I believe it is my duty, but I will more than likely have to take a shower afterwards.

BRATCH said...

The tax break might not be that great, but money is money.

If gay marriage was anything more than an economical issue, gay folks would be getting married all over the place.

Of course this is all Biblical issues aside.

Either way its a waste of time. I'm gonna go burn a flag for warmth.

Travis said...

To the flag burning issue. My problem with flag burning is the argument for allowing it is "freedom of speech." Often that argument is brought forth by the same individuals who claim their kids shouldn't have to "endure" prayer in school or a pledge of allegiance that includes the phrase "under God" because it's offensive to them.

Do we not think, that just maybe, it's offensive to many who have served this country to see the flag that they fought for burned? If these people, liberals mostly, are so interested in being politically correct and protecting individuals from being offended (a futile effort if there ever was one) then why not consider the rights and emotions of the bravest of this country's citizens?

BRATCH said...

My problem with the flag burning issue that I'm willing to bet that, within the borders of the United States, one could probably count on one hand how many flags have been burned in protest.

Even with 24 hour news networks on TV, I've rarely seen a US flag being burned by a US citizen on US soil in protest of the US.

I can appreciate both sides of the issue, but at the end of the day it is rarely burned in this country. And if you ask me, lighting a fire in crowd warrants more punishment than worrying about what the fire was burning.

On a side note, as a Christian it somewhat worries me that I'm seeing extreme efforts to push God away from anything remotely involved the government and schools while seeing the United States flag possibly being lifted up and protected with laws and punishment for harming a colored piece of cloth.

That puts an odd spin on things, doesn't it?

The flag is fine right where it is and it's a waste of time debating the issue when few are being burned anyway.