Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Guitar Hero II is here in less than two weeks, so here's some news.

Click the link for the Guitar Hero 2 website. It is nothing special, but they do have the set list up and 30 second snippets of most of the songs. They all sound pretty good and this game should make the original Guitar Hero look like a game for pre-schoolers.

Here are my impressions on the snippets I listened to.

Tonight, I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight, made famous by Spinal Tap, sounds like it it will be cool to play, a straight up rocker.

Heart Shaped Box sounds boring to me, but I am not a huge Nirvana fan.

Message in a Bottle, made famous by the Police, sounds like it will take time to get down, tough rhythms.

Carry on Wayward Son, made famous by Kansas, may have some small problems. The singing is not as good as the original and the music sounds a little different but I am still looking forward to playing it.

Monkey Wrench is my favorite Foo Foo song and the music sounds perfect.

The mandatory punk song on this edition is Search and Destroy from Iggy and the Stooges, it sounds funner to play than I Wanna be Sedated from the first Guitar Hero.

War Pigs, made famous by Black Sabbath, will have to be played after drinking some cough syrup fro maximum enjoyment, but will be a blast to play.

Who Was in My Room Last Night, made famous by The Butthole Surfers, will cause fingers to bleed. It has a tough and fast rhythm, but a good groove.

Sweet Child O’ Mine sounds dead on, not sure about the singing but I wouldn’t have known if Slash was playing or not.

Freya, made semi-famous by The Sword, will be a blast to play, lots of chunky riffs to blast out, very Sabbath-y and Metallica-y.

Stop, made famous by Jane’s Addiction, will be a SOB, with tough rhythms and a blazing solo at the end.

Carry Me Home, made semi-famous by The Living End, is super tough, will take a few times playing through to get the rhythm I’m sure. Maybe the toughest rhythm on the whole game.

Hangar 18, made famous by Megadeth, will be the funnest track to play with a partner, very fast and uptempo with 11 solos to end the song.

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