Monday, October 02, 2006

The Rolling Stones at Churchill Downs: Piccu's Story

I don’t know if you realize this, but I saw the Rolling Stones live and in concert at the legendary Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky. I am one of roughly 50,000 people in the universe who can say that. I must say that this was probably the best show I have ever seen. Let’s get into the details.

I found a cousin who was more than willing to leave work early and take me to the show. We left a couple of hours before show time and we made pretty good time. No stops, a straight shot. As we got about 5 miles from the show we encountered some traffic problems. It took us about 20 to 30 minutes to move the 5 miles to our parking lot. We arrived right at 5 o’clock, the time the legendary Alice Cooper was scheduled to go on. We rushed to the bathroom, then got a bottle of water and got to our seats. We were ready to rock. Unfortunately Alice wasn’t. Someone said that they heard he was still on the golf course and for those of you, who don’t know, Alice loves to golf and Louisville has a PGA course.

An hour after the show was to begin, the show began. Alice fired it up with No More Mr. Nice Guy and he didn’t let up from there. He played all my favorites including, Billion Dollar Babies, Be My Lover, 18, Is It My Body, Go to Hell, Poison, Under My Wheels (my personal favorite), and ending with School’s Out. Alice did not run his whole crazy stage show, but he had his walking cane (which he threw into the crowd after his set), his swords, money, balloons and a crazy dancing girl that he whipped. He also managed to bring out his albino boa, and I am not talking about a feather boa. It was really good especially for only an hour of music. I can recommend going to see him, he sounded great and his band is very tight, including Eric Singer on drums. I am even thinking about sneaking over to E-Ville to see him later this month if I can snag some tix.

After Alice, me and Dave went in search of a cool t-shirt we saw a drunk milf wearing. It was the Rolling Stones tongue logo with a picture of a horse race transposed over it. On the back was a picture of the grandstands with the famous twin spires. It looked really cool. Did I mention that at this time it started to rain? Well, it did, so we went under the grandstands looking for the merchandise table. We found it but it was so crowded and we were so packed in we gave up and went back to our seats. So no shirt and I still haven’t used the bathroom since arriving.

It began to really rain, hard, and the Stones didn’t come on until a full hour after Alice left. By this time I was starting to get soaked and I couldn’t sit down or I would get an a** full of acid rain. Dave and I seem to be the youngest guys in our section, as well as the only sober guys. In fact, I can’t count on one hand how many times I smelled burning leaves. One drunkard was talking about seeing the Stones for the first time and the J Geils Band opened for them. He then started yelling and screaming for the J Geils Band, like they were up next. While we were waiting for the Stones they were playing some music but the music was not very loud. Drunky then started screaming, “They’re playin’. Can’t you hear them?!? It’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash!” We all kind of looked around and rolled our eyes. “They’re playin’ but you can’t hear them!” Ok buddy.

This is too damn long so I will break down the Stones for you tomorrow or Wednesday. As if you care.

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Orelinde_03 said...

I was wondering if you went! Sounds like you had a good time in spite of the geriatrics and the rain.

I'm jealous you got to see Alice...I have never been able to score tix for any of his hsows.