Monday, April 24, 2006

Reggie Bush, Ricky Manning Jr. and Gillian Anderson. What do these three have in common? Nothing.

Reggie Bush's parents apparently have been chased out of their home after reporters showed up on their doorstep inquiring over the ownership of the house. The Bush's have been leasing and the owner is allegedly some sort of sports agent or someone affiliated with a sports agent. This seems fishy, but it shouldn't be surprising. I have said many times that I doubt that there are very many "successful" clean programs. Every program is guilty of something and once every 5 to 10 years the NCAA busts someone to make an example out of them to keep up appearances. This is true for all sports, not just basketball or football.

In the end this will probably just go away because I wouldn't want to kill my golden goose if I were the NCAA. USC is a big name that makes the NCAA a ton of money and I'm sure things will be worked out so that they can continue to feed the coffers.

Ricky manning, Jr. has been arrested on assault charges and according to PTI he assaulted a "nerd." That was how PTI termed it. He and his home skillets punched and kicked a man into unconsciousness allegedly because he was carrying a laptop and looked like a nerd. I imagine most nerds and geeks currently in high school will not have a good reaction to this news. It's bad enough they are "punished" during that time of life, but now you have to be wary of being jumped by jocks in a Denny's? Manning has just signed a huge offer sheet with the Chicago Bears and I am sure that most of his money will now be going to Chester Poindexter for the beating he received at the hands of Ricky and his frat brothers.

In other news today, Gillian Anderson and her husband of 16 months have called it quits apparently. That means that I am free to woo her for myself. I love those redheads, man. Unfortunately, because I have now made my geek lust for Agent Scully publicly known, I am sure I can look forward to a beating at the hands of Ricky Manning, Jr. any day now. I can take a little beating if it gets me a whole lotta Scully.

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