Friday, April 21, 2006

IA Tip O' The Day: Leaving a threatening voicemail...

Piccu likes to do the "Quotes of the Day" and things like that, so I thought I would give a Tip O' The Day. So here goes.

I don't like voicemail. I have voicemail on my phone, but I don't use it because I'm not that hard to track down and I doubt anyone really needs me so badly that they should need me to check my voicemail that often.

I had to purchase a new phone when my Moto died for no reason and I didn't want to spend $200 for a phone straight from Cingular so I went Ebaying for a cheap phone. I probably should have bought the same Moto again, but after one dies for no apparent reason, why buy another one?

So I got a Samsung (for 70 bucks) that is actually a T-Mobile phone and yesterday the little "you've got voicemail" symbol popped up. Unfortunately it won't go away even after all is emptied, but that's neither here nor there.

I set up the mailbox(that doesn't mean leave me a voicemail for those of you who know my number) and I went through the old messages. Some were almost a year old, but one was about a month old and I couldn't really understand it.

All I could really make out was a curse word and "Wal-Mart" the first two times I listened to it. After listening about 10 times here's what it said.

"Listen here, mother(expletive deleted), you stopped paying your child support and I've seen that little (expletive deleted) you are running around with. I heard her running her mouth in Wal-Mart about me, mother(expletive deleted). (Unintelligible sentence.) Don't think that I won't kick y'all's (expletive deleted), mother(expletive deleted). "

Now that might not be exactly word for word what this crazy chick said, but it's pretty (expletive deleted) close.

Here's the IA Tip O' The Day for all of you out there who are going to leave expletive-laden threatening voicemails to your dead beat dad boyfriends or people you generally hate.

Make sure you dial the right number.


L-BOOGIE said...

Let me just say that 1) this was probably one of my clients, 2) I hear this language focused at me on a daily basis, and 3) this is the OC, right?

Orelinde_03 said...

You mean you don't enjoy recieving crazy messages from people you may or may not know?

How do you feel when someone calls your home number and demands to know who they're talking to???

BRATCH said...

I hate it when people call and demand to know who they are talking too. *69 was created by the phone companies because they knew that idiots would love to cause some trouble with it and they would pay to do so.

On occasion I will dial a wrong number. But I can't stand the people who see a wrong number on their caller ID and call you back like you violated their personal space because they were screening their calls. As if to say, "How dare you call my home and waste precious seconds of my time when I could be harassing someone else or leaving threatening phone calls?"

With the chick that went all Jerry Springer on my voicemail, I simply think that if I was to make a phone call like that, I would dial the numbers with great care.