Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Kentucky state legislature is concerned about your in-state athletes. Why?!?

The Chris Lofton resolution is being proposed in the Kentucky state legislature. What is that you ask? It is a non binding resolution that encourages the state public universities to “recruit and offer scholarships to athletically and academically gifted students from Kentucky.” Now, I have no problem with state universities wanting to recruit more in-state athletes. I think it is always cool to be able to root for your favorite team and have many of the players be from your home state. I do have a problem with making in-state athletes a priority over out of state athletes who may have more talent.

In Kentucky, I think a piece of the fanbase, at least the UK fanbase, would love nothing more than for every player on the team to be a white Kentucky boy. I, on the other hand, want my players to hail from New York, Cali, Texas, anywhere but Kentucky. Unless that Kentucky player is going to really help my team. For those of you who do not remember, UK did sign two former Kentucky Mr. Basketballs. Mr. Basketball is the “best” player in the state. Now, Brandon Stockton and Josh Carrier may have been the best high school players in the state during their senior years, but they sucked in college. I think that a school should be more worried about whether a player can help their team win or is good enough to play for their school than about where the player is from.

I am sure that this representative is putting this out there to get the college basketball fans in her district to vote for her. Everyone in the state will love her and she can ride this resolution all the way to the governorship. Not if my vote has anything to say about it.

I wish both state and federal government would concentrate on government type stuff and not the sporting world. I think the sporting world can handle itself. I need the government to find out a way to keep the gas prices down or figure a way out of this Iraq mess. Leave recruiting issues and steroids alone and help our state and country with the real issues.


BRATCH said...

We need to start a stupid politician of the day post.

Travis said...

That's a good idea. But narrowing it down to one per day will be difficult.

Piccu said...

We could just have nominees, like Countdown's worst person in the world. Each of us could have a nominee and let the public decide.

Travis said...

I'd nominate Ernie Fletcher for his incredibly biased use of the line item veto.
WKU and UofL got absolutely slaughtered when Fletcher approved the budget (although Louisville did get their 75M dollar arena downtown) while UK got pretty much everything they asked for.
I realize UK is the biggest university in the Commonwealth, but a quick review of Fletcher's vetos (available online at the Courier Journal website) show in no uncertain terms that he was looking out for UK while ignoring legitimate needs at other universities.