Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Eagles of Death Metal are back with a vengance.

The day has finally arrived. Today the Eagles of Death Metal have released their sophomore album, “Death by Sexy.” Unfortunately for me, I gave up buying cds and dvds and such for Lent so I cannot buy it for myself until Sunday. That shouldn’t stop you from checking them out.

I got into them because the drummer/co-founder/producer Josh Homme aka Carlos Von Sexron aka Baby Duck is in one of my favorite bands the Queens of the Stone Age. In the EODM he plays the drums and yelps indiscriminately throughout the songs. The lead guitarist/lead singer is Jesse Hughes aka J-Devil aka The Devil. He purportedly has the sexist moustache in rock ‘n’ roll. The sound of the EODM is kind of a sexy dance rock. It is definitely party music and quite a few songs can definitely be used as baby making music. They are to death metal what Al Green and Marvin Gaye are to R & B.

The name is kind of weird I’ll admit. The explanation of the name is easy to understand. They are not a death metal band. In fact, if they were a death metal band, they would sound like the Eagles of all death metal bands. Check out the new album and the debut album Peace. Love. Death. Metal. Click the link to get to know the guys in the band a little better in an FHM interview.

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