Sunday, April 16, 2006

A few things I've realized

On my last post, I discussed the misery of being on this rotation at the hospital. I must say that at this point I am getting somewhat numb. With only two weeks left, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My good friend here is going to take my place in this rotation, so I am told by my wife and others to not really let loose with my utter disdain. My friend and I are likely the two people in the world who dislike the rotation the most. I thought today I would take a different approach to my feelings about this month and point out the positive things and appreciations I have drawn from the experience. To remind you what I'm actually doing, I am on inpatient internal medicine. What that means is that anytime anyone comes into the hospital to stay for any reason other than surgery, I am one of the people taking care of them. For example, if someone has horrible stomach flu and they are so dehydrated that they have to stay in the hospital, then I'm your man.

So without further delay, the following is the list of positive outcomes I have from this rotation:

1. I appreciate free time so much more than ever before. Now a weekend or a weeknight off is not something to be wasted with something mindless. I am deliberate about my activities, even if I am deliberately relaxing in front of the tv, it's not just because I have nothing else to do.

2.Spending time with the people who are important to you is really key and central to everything. I have learned this by moving away from my friends and family for medical school four years ago. These months have reiterated and magnified this. I left a town of 5,000 people to live 50minutes away in a two of ~100,000 people in college. At that point I just wanted to soak up my new found freedom and exploration. I still soak those things up but I have learned the value of a home base. Now that I am 8 hours away and can only communicate with friends and family by phone or computer, I appreciate close ties even more. I have a set of people that are the most important to me. I have made many good friends here but my truly great friends are mostly from elsewhere. I appreciate it even more after months of spending limited time with even my wife.

3. Working and studying are great if you can find the way to enjoy it and do it your way. Take Piccu, he reads and studies as much as I do, perhaps even more. He does so with different things than I do, but regardless he is in his comfortable chair reading at night and absorbing what he enjoys. In the way that he enjoys doing it. In the past I have crammed things in for the sake of knowing them, but I had lost the enjoyment factor. I still have to know some things that are dry or less interesting, but these months have taught me to be efficient in the things that I am not truly interested in but need to do and find a way to take in the other things in an enjoyable means. For me that needs to be on my porch or at coffee shop.

4.I have been reiterated the importance for being both an extrovert and introvert. By the world's standards I am an extrovert but sort of toward the middle. As compared to a lot of truly extroverted people (like french toast), I am more introverted. The thing is I need both and appreciating my time alone and with family/friends is even more valued. All this comes about from the first thing with having a small amount of time and having to prioritize how to spend it.

5.Sleep is key! I don't think more explanation is needed.

Well, many of these thing may grow from there having been lacking since the last year, but at least I am getting more appreciation for something while there.

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Piccu said...

What I take away from this post is that you will be primed to party when you get back to the OC for Memorial Day weekend.