Thursday, December 07, 2006

The first snow...

I get up this morning to the soothing images of a blizzard. Well, not really but here in Kentucky it was about as blizzard as it gets before we start talking Blizzardo Diablo.

I take off for work and notice that the roads have a nice little layer of snow covering them. Nothing crazy, but there three different types of drivers in this world when snow/ice is involved.

The first type are those of us who will get out, but have enough sense and skill to negotiate the roads without killing ourselves or others. A little common sense goes a long way.

The second type of driver is the one who will go out and buy supplies for a week before the snow gets there and will not step foot outside of their home until the last flake is gone. Which is usually 36 hours after the snow starts, if that long.

The final type of driver is the one who totally disregards the chilly white substance on the asphalt. Usually because they think that because they have front wheel drive or four wheel drive that they are pretty much driving an M-1 tank that can't be stopped. The problems of course arise when it comes time to actually stop and then hijinx ensue.

Case in point. I pull into Wal-Mart before coming to the office so I can snag some blank DVDs and as I pull in there is a 3-way stop that doesn't involve me because I going toward Wal-Mart. It would be a four way stop but they want you to come too them and keep you there not hinder your progress in their direction so everyone else has to stop whereas I can do and go wherever I want so long as it is in the general direction of Wal-Mart.

I see the old Ford pickup heading to the stop sign on my left, but didn't think too much of it because he wasn't going that fast. Little did I know that his method of negotiating stop signs was lock up his brakes at the stop sign itself and not an instant before.

So as I'm entering the intersection this dude is already past the sign and making a B-line toward my door. It was at that point that I weighed my options.

I couldn't turn too sharply to the right because I would end up in a skid. I did, however, happen to check the driver of the other truck as I was cruising into the intersection to see if he was attempting to try and making things worse at the wheel, but he wasn't thankfully and simply looked at me with this "dude, I'm sorry" expression on his face and I returned a look as if to say "you f#$% face."

I was just about ready to jump the curb and he stopped about 3 feet from hitting me as I cruised through, but he had me square if he didn't stop.

There were probably a dozen or more accidents from this first snow that now 3 hours later is almost gone.

Winter is here.


Piccu said...

And with our first snow here in the OC we also have had our first and second bomb threat. I actually got to be evacuated, although I was already going to lunch.

Apparently, some idiot called in not one but two bomb threats for our community center which houses our courts and some county officials' office. My office is in the old court house and hours after the bomb threat was called in, the law got around to evacuating my building.

I got to have an extra long lunch because the courthouse wasn't opened back up until 1:30. Rumors were going around that the bomb or bombs was supposed to go off at 1:00. As of right now, I am not sure if it was a hoax or some redneck has fashioned a crappy bomb and screwed up the timer. Anyway, I have heard that the moron has been tracked down more or less and I am waiting for Bratch to be called over to the jail to get a mug shot for the paper.

By the by, Jasper, today was court day at the community center and I would say a friend of friend or relative must have a court case today and court was cancelled. Just because they cancel court because of fake bomb threats doesn't mean that they will never resume the court cases. Morons.

my_merlin77 said...

You heard from a friend who, heard from a friend who, heard from another you been messin'......

Was this a parole hearing?

Piccu said...

Not sure what cases were scheduled that day, but many think that the cancelling of court was the reason for the hoax.

And that won't be the biggest story of the week in the local paper. Things be going down in the OC.