Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Bridal Suite...

So here it is. I can't tell you how many people in our community have asked me about "that hotel room," but it has been a lot.

Our local high school soccer team made the Final Four state championships this past soccer season and we had to make the trip up there to cover the game or games if they had won the first game. The whole reason why I didn't get a hotel room earlier in the week when I'm sure several were available was because of simple superstitiousness.

I figured that if I had gotten a hotel room that they were sure to lose because while we didn't want to make the 3 hour drive home at 10 p.m. at night, it was a possibility. Turns out we probably did jinx it, but I digress.

Anyway, we snagged some lunch shortly before we were going to leave for the game and asked a soccer dad which hotel everyone was staying in so we could pile in with folks that we knew.

We got the number of the hotel and The Don made the call to get a room. The nice receptionist who answered the phone told us that we were in luck and that one room was available. It was $110 and that scared the Don off for a second and he told her he would call back. It was at that point that she gave us a 10 percent discount since we were with the soccer team and folks from the OC had that joint filled.

The 10 percent discount was all The Don needed to hear and we had our room.

About three and a half hours later we get to the hotel and check in. We get up to our room and walk in. I was looking at how nice and somewhat large it was and The Don says, "I don't think I like the bathroom arrangement."

Then I turn around and see the photo that you see above and say, "If you think the inside is bad, you should see what I'm seein'."

It was at that point that we joked about it for a minute and I then said, you are going to have to write a column about this. We pretty much had to use tour bus etiquette because if you "harmed" the bathroom you were harming everything and that wasn't cool and privacy doesn't happen behind a shower curtain. Not to mention there wasn't a shower so if we were going to bathe it was going to be in a stinkin' bathtub that you could see the TV from.

Either way, for the last month all I've heard is cracks about how nice that room must have been for us guys. Some from perfect strangers.

So there is "The Love Hole" in all its glory. It featured a nice queen size bed and a pull out bed from the couch. It was a smoking room and as you can see it had a large bathtub, large mirror and sparkling white toilet that would have been in perfect view of people outside of the hotel window had we not been on the second floor.

So next time you and your buddies are heading out to a hotel and you get the very last room in the joint and it seems a little expensive...

Ask why.


Travis said...

When I saw this it immediately reminded me of the Love Toilet on SNL. It was a fake commercial with Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson. The toilet had two seats that faced in opposite direction so the couple could stare lovingly at each other while they both dropped the kids off at the pool.

Something about a removable partition between the bathroom and the bed made me think of that.

And you know, I had bratch describe that room to me at least three times and I never envisioned that.

my_merlin77 said...

Did you alternate who got to watch tv from the tub?