Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Time to End/Reform Teen Pageants?!?

This is a Miss Teen Louisiana. Her name is Logan Brooke Travis.

Is she attractive? Absolutely.

Is she beautiful? No doubt.

Is she sexy? Careful there Pedro, because Logan Brooke is only 15 years old. Better stick with beautiful. And watch who you say that to.

In an era where internet pedophiliacs get their own show on MSNBC and we have constant problems with attractive young ladies being abducted, I would consider this unnecessarily risky.

I think pageants are idiotic in the first place. No matter what people try to tell you about them, they get their legs from hedonism 101. But if they continue, and we all know they will, shouldn't we be a bit more cognizant of this type of exposure.

Miss Teen Louisiana may not be in any immediate danger, but if you're going to parade these underaged girls as sex symbols then you're feeding a fire whether that's your intention or not. Honestly, when I scanned Yahoo! this morning and saw this picture, I was impressed. I thought she was very sexy and very attractive. When I found out her age, I got a bit sick at myself.

I'm sure many will argue with me on this, but I think this is irresponsible and naive.

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