Thursday, August 09, 2007

Manly Buffalo?

Buffalo vs. Crocodile and Lion Pride

This video is on Yahoo and I guess if I were to use modern lingo I'd say it's gone viral. It's about a 9 minute clip of a water buffalo ultimately surviving an attack from a lion pride and a crocodile. It's amazing to watch, even if you're not a nature freak.


BRATCH said...

This video shows you how dangerous buffalo are. Those lions, once they had to bring the baby buffalo back on land out of the water, they were at the mercy of the buffalo. Lions!

Say what you will about lions being the king of the jungle, but you see that they are only kings because they attack in force. One-on-one, adult-on-adult my money is on the buffalo.

Travis said...

What I found truly fascinating about that video was the organization of the buffalo.

When you see these videos, the prey almost always runs away and leaves the victim.

In this instance, they came back and appearted to be organized. They divided the lions. Then when the lions were one on one, one buffalo would continue the chase leaving the others to continue the rescue.

I'm not saying they were drawing up plays in the dirt, but they attacked much like the lions typically do. Divide and conquer. It's so atypical that it's very impressive.