Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ram Jam jam

I saw this video on the Andy Polley Happy Fun Time message board and thought I would share it with you. It is the music video for Ram Jam's Black Betty. This song has some very tasty licks in it, but listening to the lyrics, I am not exactly sure about what it is about or if it might not be a little racially insensitive? Also, if you will notice, I bet the bass player gets all the women. He should be inducted into the Manly Men of Mankind club. He also comes from the Kip Winger School of Bass Players. We know this because he is able to play the bass without actually touching the instrument. I think his pelvic thrusts are what keeps the bass line going when he is not using his hands to play, but to dance and clap. We can only hope this jewel ends up on a Guitar Hero edition. Enjoy!!!!


BRATCH said...

That's the worst video ever.

I understand there have been worse videos that were really planned out and had a story to them and crap like that, but at least most bands know to play the song and lip sync it so that at least something will match up on film.

Instead it looks like they played the song and then had to make a thousand cuts to somewhat get it to sync up. Pretty pitiful video.

The bass player looks like Dennis Hopper from easy rider and the lead singer/guitar player looks like Gary Senise.

Travis said...

I think the Scissor Sisters have a more manly bass player. That guy was friggin hilarious.