Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bill Dance Outdoors...

This video you have got to see. By seeing the video tag on it, I don't think many people know who this is, but . I'll be honest, I haven't finished it yet because I was laughing so hard after one clip I was missing other clips.

The clip that did me is what when he grabbed the handle of his trolling motor, throttled it and it broke free from the boat so he was trying to not let it get away, but at the same time the throttle was on the handle he was grabbing. It's gold, Jerry. Gold.


Travis said...

I've seen that before, but it is so funny I had to watch it again. When that trolling motor comes off that's great comedy.

When the snake drops, I probably would have signed off the air for good right then and there.

Closing the fishing rods in the tailgate reminded me of my late uncle Gerald's gaffe. He had bought my dad's old Chevy shortbed to take deer hunting. Down on Dog Creek (Bratch knows where I'm talking about) he had laid the 30/30 on the tailgate. When he grabbed it to move it, he grabbed it by the trigger and shot the truck. Through the back of the bed, into the cab before placing some small holes in the dash.

God rest his soul, he was a good and funny man, if not a bit clumsy.

BRATCH said...

What makes it funny is that his reactions are so over the top that it's almost like they staged everything, but you know they wouldn't have. When he gets out of the truck in the first clip and his jacket gets caught you can tell that he's funny.

Piccu said...

I have always thought that he staged some of them, but not all of them. In the beginning he would screw up and people loved it and then we kept seeing him screw up. It seemed like he spent more time doing bloopers than actual fishing.

The snake out of the tree would have killed me. I have been under 2 or 3 trees and noticed snakes in them before, but luckily never had one fall on me.