Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Chuckster is huge in China!!!

For UK fans who loved Chuck Hayes because he was a scrappy hard worker who wasn't that talented, here is a special treat for you. Somehow Chuck gritted and gutted his way into being a starter in the NBA with the Houston Rockets and now Chuck has secured an endorsement from a Chinese shoe company or basketball company and here is the commercial.

Who would have ever thunk it. Chuck Hayes and Shaq in a commercial with Chuck receiving top billing. As Huell Howser would say, "This is AMAZING!" Enjoy!


Travis said...

You can't stop Chuck Hayes!

Fortunately, however, you can contain him since he has the offensive ability of bowl of Wheat Chex.

That's still cool though. Even me, Mr. Anti-UK likes Chuck Hayes. Good, hard worker who gets the most out of his abilities. Bully for him.

BRATCH said...

Let's not forget that outside of Yao Ming, everyone on the Houston Rockets have incentive clauses in their contracts if they don't shoot.

T-Mac has to get his so everyone else has to play defense and rebound.

That's why, even with little offensive ability, Chuck Hayes has a better chance at winning a ring than T-Mac does.