Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Hot

I don't know a thing about global warming, but you've got an easy case today. Here in South Central Kentucky it got up to 106 according to By the bank clock I saw it was 108 and I wouldn't argue it.

Luckily the humidity is down to just about nothing because there is simply no moisture to be found anywhere. Burn bans, watering bans, and cancelled events are the norm.

I work with women, which is problem number one. And my office, which gets warm on very hot days. Today it's about 80 in the office. When women get hot, they go crazy. These women go back and forth from having short tempers and getting mad about everything, then they get silly and frankly a bit raunchy.

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BRATCH said...

I left the office yesterday and our clock said 105 at 3:30. I got back to the office at 4:15 and it was 95 and left for home at about 5:15 and it was 86.

If there was any moisture in the air when that little cold front went through, there wouldn't be a building standing.