Friday, August 03, 2007

ANOTHER Manly Man of Mankind, eh?

We at the MMM scour the earth to find manly men worthy of your honor and praise. Today we travel to British Columbia, Canada to meet a new member.

This one involves battling another animal, but this is not some little varmint. It's a 70 pound male cougar who had his mouth around a 12 year old boy's head. Soccer kicks and a choke hold finally got the cougar to let go.

The cougar got out of the choke hold (probably gave Mark a good thumb to the eye) and challenged him. Mark being the foolish, er, brave man that he is, growled back at the beast and told him to bring it on. No word on whether or not the cougar was also talking trash.

The cat was later shot.

So good on ya' Mark Patterson. Man on, man on.


BRATCH said...

Now we are talking about some man vs. wild action right here. A 70 pound cougar will rip your lungs out, Jim.

You left out the part about whether or not the kid lived.

Travis said...

The kid did live and felt "ripped off" that his vacation was ruined. Later in life I figure he'll come to his senses and realize that he was very close to dying.

Nice Warren Zevon refernece by the way. I first thought of Brian Fantana,

I asked if I could interview the panda and was told that it would literally eat my face off.

I'm sure I quoted that quite wrongly, but you get the gist of it.