Friday, September 28, 2007

This Can Only Be Bad

One unintended consequence of reelecting George W. Bush in 2004 was the emboldening of our enemies. Bush is such a polarizing figure that the enemies of the United States easily seize momentum in anti-US movements.

That certainly seems to be the case the Ahmadinjad and Chavez, pictured above. It's time to seriously question why other countries hate us. I don't think it's as much that they hate our freedoms or what we stand for, as right wingers say. I also don't think it's just because Bush is hard to swallow and a Cowboy, as left winger say.

In the case of the Muslim communities our support of Israel after WWII and especially in the last 15 or so years has gone over the line with them. Certainly we have key idealogical differences in governmental philosophies as well as religious beliefs and freedoms. But the bloodthirst of the radical Muslim community can't simply be fueled by philosophical differences and maintain the footing that it does. This is an area that really needs examination from our current presidential candidates. I'd like to hear some serious Lincoln-Douglas debates over this.

Chavez is another story. I frankly don't know what his beef is. Other than we don't like him and how he moves and he doesn't like us meddling. But as the lone world superpower we have to accept that we're a target for dictators who want to make a name for themselves. Like the bully in your classroom that earned his credentials by constatnly challenging the authority figures, Chavez gets cheers for bravado, not true bravery.

These two men joining forces can't be good for anyone. They are headstrong and insolent. Look at history and you'll see the world's most dangerous figures were often the same.


Piccu said...

I don't think countries hate us so much as leaders and people in power of other countries hate us. They see our freedom and they are afraid the ones they are opressing will see it and realize what they are missing. I would be willing to bet that most Muslim countries would love to have the freedoms that we have. It's the leaders who hold them back.

As for Chavez, he is just an a-hole trying to make a name for himself by sticking it to the biggest dog on the block. He is a moron made good and nothing else. I think Ahmadinajad is close to the same thing. I think we shouldn't worry so much about Ahmadinajad than the religious leaders who seem to pull the strings behind him. I thik they allow him to say the things he does, but at least for right now, they would never stand for him doing something stupid without their say so.

BRATCH said...

As far as I'm concerned Hugo Chavez and the other dude (I say "other dude" because I don't want to spell his name) can be frat buddies all they want.

What kind of united front could they ever produce? One dude is in Iran in the Middle East and Chavez is in Venezuela in South America.

All they both are doing by saying the stupid things they are saying is trying to show the people of their country that they are strong. When you are a dictator, people have to live in fear so poking at the U. S. with a stick is what they are doing to show their people they are strong.

I guarantee this conversation ended with the one dude saying, "Good luck with that next coupe attempt."

Then Chavez replied with, "Saw something interesting on PBS last night. Turns out Ken Burns found 400 hours of vintage film on WWII and the Holocaust. You should TiVo it. Looks like the secret is finally out."

Travis said...

My concern is their economic impact. Both are in control of large amounts of oil and oil makes the world go 'round.