Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm bustin' Jerry, I'm bustin'

Well, the week in football picks was not a kind week to me. In the Times News picks I missed two games bringing me pretty much even with the rest of the peons and I missed both the Ohio County game (who knew?) and the UK game (again, who knew?). In addition to that, in the one suicide/knockout league I am in I take my favorite NFL team the Cincinnati Bengals, who just beat a very tough Baltimore Ravens team Monday night, on the road in Cleveland. Cleveland is a team that 99% of the people would say is one of the bottom three teams in the NFL. Well, at least until yesterday. The Bengals lost in a shootout and I now curse the Bengals. I curse them to no Super Bowls in my lifetime and I will live to 100 just to spite those bas****s.

In other pick 'em news, in the Bombay Gunrunners Yahoo NFL Pick 'Em I am in second so far this week with 9 correct out of 15 just trailing Julie, who for some reason has once again gotten 10 or more right for the second week in a row. I was horrbile last week and have employed a new picking strategy that seems to have worked out this week. Here's my new strategy for those who are looking for different ways to pick your games. I make my picks on Thursday pretty much going with my first instinct. Then on Friday, I go back and change every pick to the opposite of what I picked. Last week I got 7 correct, this week I am two better and have the possibility of getting ten correct with tonight's game. So there you go.

In other news, this past weekend the UK Wildcats football team, after trying everything they could to give it away, beat the number 9 ranked Louisville Cardinals. Not only did we (and I did say we) beat a top 10 ranked opponent, not only was it Louisville our most hated rival, but we also cost Lousiville any chance of a national championship. Now UK is officially a top 25 ranked team, at least until they get beat this weekend. For those of you who want to relive the victory or somehow missed it, click here for a youtube video that condenses Saturday down to a 4 minutes. And look for a special trash talking appearance by future UK legend Dickie Lyons, Jr.

Snort it up!!!

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