Thursday, July 24, 2008

Those Nutty New Zealander Names

A judge in New Zealand made a nine year old girl in the middle of a custody battle a ward of the court and changed her name. That seems harsh. What if little Suzy, or Elizabeth didn't want her name changed. Well, taht would be one thing.

But if your name is Telula Does The Hula, then you get it. I hear names here in the US that I think are ridiculous. Some names are just flat made up by syllables that people like together. Others are intentionally unusual spellings. But I'm glad that we've not gotten to the extreme here that they have there.

Because it's not as if Telula DTH is alone. One child is named Violence. One, Sex Fruit. These names are funny if you're naming your gerbil or a puppy even. Not if you're naming your child. I wouldn't even name my son Ephraim Alexander because our last name starts with an "R" and I didn't want his initials to be EAR. Just in case he had big ears.

So good for the judge to change this girl's unfortunate name. As for "Yeah Detroit", "Fish and Chips" or "Keenan Got Lucy", I guess they'll have to wait until they can go to the courthouse and do it themselves.

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