Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Record .491 blood alcohol level in R.I.

A man in Rhode Island had the highest ever blood alcohol level for someone in the state who wasn't dead. That line alone makes the story interesting. But this guy was driving his car....DRIVING HIS CAR with a .491 BAL.

Here is a list of BAC and the physical and mental impairments associated with the levels:
  • .01-.06 Thought, Judgment, Coordination, Concentration
  • .06-.10 Reflexes, Reasoning, Depth Perception, Distance Acuity, Peripheral Vision Glare Recovery
  • .11-.20 Reaction Time, Gross Motor Control, Staggering, Slurred Speech
  • .21-.29 Severe Motor Impairment, Loss of Consciousness, Memory Blackout
  • .30-39 Bladder Function, Breathing, Heart Rate
  • .40 & greater Breathing, Heart Rate

This guy was more than twice the level of severe motor impairment and loss of consciousness and he thought he was ok to drive. He probably had peed on himself. His breathing and heart rate had been affected. Wow.

Oh, and yes, I plan a revival of the Incongruent Affect. I will post stories about MMM (that's the Manly Men of Mankind) and freakish incidents like the one above. To be clear, an idiot who drinks himself into a .491 blood alcohol level is NOT in the MMM. He's just a moron.

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