Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't Get Your Freak On

The following is a cut and paste from Apparently a school in Texas has outlawed "freak dancing" at school events. But note the sentence that I've highlighted purple. Because a school is stopping foreplay on the dance floor, PARENTS are objecting. My goodness folks, what's wrong with you. On the same day that we read a story about 8-9 year old boys being charged with raping a girl, you've got parents who are in effect demanding MORE sexuality be allowed in schools.


Argyle, Texas, is no longer a good place for teenagers to get their freak on.
A school superintendent in the Dallas suburb recently banned the sexually suggestive "freak dancing" or "grinding" popular with teens, the Wall Street Journal reports — causing a debate among parents and school officials.
While Argyle joins a long list of other schools around the country that have banned the hip-hop inspired dancing, some parents blame the newly installed school superintendent, Jason Ceyanes, 35, for ruining their children's October homecoming dance by enforcing a strict dress code and making provocative dancing off-limits.
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Ceyanes says he fears current cleavage-baring dress styles combined with sexually charged dancing could lead to an unsafe environment for students.
"This is not just shaking your booty," he told the Journal. "This is pelvis-to-pelvis physical contact in the private areas ... and then moving around."

Karen Miller, 53, saw her first "freak dance" four years ago when she was chaperoning a high-school dance attended by her freshman daughter.
One boy was up close to a girl's back, bumping and grinding to the pounding beat of the music.
"I thought, 'That's just dadgum nasty,'" Miller told the Journal. "It really had me sick to my stomach."

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