Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Bombay Gunrunners return to the airwaves!!!!!

The BGRs are back with Episode 37!!!

In this episode the Gunrunners discuss the University of Kentucky's miracle win over LSU, Lee and Dustin's ZZ Top expeirence (or lack thereof), Lee's guitar lessons, the introduction of Billy Clyde as the new basketball coach of the University of Kentucky, and ghosts.

In movies the Gunrunners discuss Warlock 3 and the original 3:10 To Yuma. In TV the Gunrunners discuss Big Blue Madness, Miami City Vice, Pushing Daisies, Moonlight, Most Haunted, Bionic Woman. In music, Lee bought (or took) the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows and the group discusses the music industry.

There you go a good show at a good price...for now!!!! Never mind that. Anyway, the Gunrunners will be calling in some guests to help them for their special Halloween epsiode coming in the future. The BGRs will be discussing former Halloween mischief they caused in their younger more immature days. And they would like to hear about your adventures. Tell us about that pumpkin you stole from the neighbor's front porch, tell us about that hay bale you set on fire in the middle of a road. Email us your stories at or message us at our myspace page. It will be good for you to get this off your chest.

Snort thy horn!

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