Sunday, October 09, 2005

Stand up for the Wildcats

Yesterday Merlin and I had the opportunity to go to the UK vs. USC football game. I know you may be jealous ... don't be! It was terrible. Neither team is good and the whole thing look like one big screw up fest. It was fun to get together with family and friends before the game and dream of what may have been.

Something happened at this game that got me a little worked up (other than watching turn over after turn over from both teams). We were sitting in the UK section with some great fans. In front of us was a lady in her 60's that was all propped up in her stadium seat. The young couple in front of her stood up as UK was about to score. At first she lightly poked him on the sholder and said sit down then after he did not respond she pulled is sholder back and yelled "SIT DOWN". I am glad to say the guy simply said "I am cheering" and turned around. What is that about?This lady comes to a college football game and expects everyone to sit quietly as their team heads for the goal. I may understand if the younger people were standing for the entire game but it was a perfectly appropriate time to stand and then they quickly took thier seats. She was so rude and might I add lazy for they way she yell and tugged on this guy so she could see the game. I think that it is understandable to not stand the whole game but come on for a touchdown? Ky football fans get very few opportunities to stand and be proud of their team. I think they should take every opportunity given to them!


Piccu said...

So, this women was a true Gamecock, is that what you are saying? I am surprised that she wasn't beat about the head and face. UK scores a touchdown about once every four games. She should have known she wouldn't have to worry about this the whole game.

I actually thought that UK may have a chance to win when I saw the score was 10-10 in the second quarter. Too bad that UK realized they are the worst team in the SEC if not the world and let SC roll over them in the second half.

Good news, good news, this coming weekend is Big Blue Madness weekend and while we will be spending the weekend in Cock country, UK fans will have a reason to feel good about UK sports this weekend. Basketball time is almost here and then the Cat's will get some revenge on the Cocks.

french_toast said...

OH NO! We were in the true blue sections. The crazy lady was a UK fan. She was actually angery at the other UK fan for cheerin gon HER team!

my_merlin77 said...

Ok, so I witnessed this whole thing and it was quite something. Everytime this couple even gave a hint of standing, the old farts in front of us started pointing and complaining to each other.

The best part of KY football is that even when we are down, the fans can find ways to entertain themselves by complaining about each other.

Oh, since this is not post worthy I will piggy back it onto my comment. All the way down here in Columbia, SC what you know I would run into a BD boy. Justin Lawson looked a bit blasted at the game. I didn't bother to wander over to say hello, because in his drunken state I thought he may tried to hug me when he realized who I was.