Thursday, October 06, 2005

Reality TV...Not Real?

I have been wanting to contribute to this blog but until now have not really felt compelled by any topic. I did however hear two big star gossip tales that I feel need mentioning. I am proud to say that you boys have hit one and that is Katie and Tom's upcoming bundle of joy (for lack of a better term) the other is just as shocking to me...Jessica and Nick are splitting up. I know they are corny but after watching the frist season of the Newlyweds I grew to like what they had going. She is completely ignorant and he puts up with it (or did) and that was part of the charm. They talked about how much they loved one another and I fell for it. I thought that they proved that you could have a strong relationship in Holywood...wrong again. I guess I need to wake up from my dream world and not believe all reality TV and star gossip that I see and read. Who am I kidding I live for that stuff. Maybe Papa Joe will try to make a buck on this as well and have a new reality show "divorces". The sad thing is I would tune in every week.


BRATCH said...

I figured it was only a matter of time before Nick just broke down and yelled at her. I mean, no one is that stupid. You would think that being in "show business" since she was teenager that she would collect a little common sense.

I guess her father protected her from that so that she wouldn't realize that he freaks everyone out and most likely does more harm than good.

I am glad that you apparently have a subscription to several supermarket tabloids. We keep up with out celebrity gossip on the net, but we don't the good stuff like the 4 headed alien love children that the National Inquirer conjures up photos of.

Travis said...

And look at the transformation Jessica (she's dropping the "Simpson") has made since that show debuted. She's turned into the mega-whore that just two years ago she said she would never be. She's taken to using that Brittney Spears, tucking the tongue behind the teeth and singing voice. She's not who she was just a few years ago and I think Papa Joe has something to do with it. What kind of "minister" would let their daughter parade around like Jessica (sans Simpson) does and even endorse it? What kind of "minister" would let their other daughter lie, repeatedly about her lip syncing and he supports that.
I think I speak for pretty much every human being alive in saying Joe Simpson is creepy. I hope Jessica and Nick do split. Nick seems pretty normal and to me deserves better (although I NEVER condone divorce) and I wouldn't mind seeing if Jessica (sans Simpson) can survive without him and their show to prop up her career.

Piccu said...

I do keep up with my celeb gossip when I can and I believe that this is a scenario that has played out for ages. A preacher's daughter going wild.

We all know that the children of preachers are always the wildest. Look at our buddy Mr. Peters, he is nuts. Preacher's kid.

I think Jessica Simpson got out into the world and starting to get a little crazy. I had heard of drug use, infidelity, and other things. If any of that occured than I have no problem with Lachey wanting to get away. (Although I believe that these breakup rumors have been denied, denied, denied.) I don't think Jessica went out of her way to destroy this marriage, I just think the Hollywood life caught up with her.

As for good old Joe Simpson, when I read quotes from him about his daughter's breasts in a magazine and how sexy she is, I start to wonder what kind of church he was a minister for. Sounds like a Deliverence type church.

Speaking of preacher's kids, I wonder if Merlin has done a background check on French Toast. What do we really know about her Pre-Merlin past?

Piccu said...

I just read on (we should really link that), that this time it was Lachey that was the cause of the most recent breakup rumors.

Apparently he brought back a college girl to his room, they did a little kissing but not the full nelson. Maybe people have been letting Lachey off the hook a little to easily.