Friday, September 30, 2005

Girls Just Wanta Have Fun

Well I have done it...Merlin has been going on and on about this blog so I thought I would check it out for myself. Pretty good I must say, however, there is something missing...a womans touch. I thought it my duty to add just that, so here you go.

I have had a busy 24 hours with some very "girly" stuff. Last night I had several neighbors and new friends over to start a bunco group. I know you may be asking yourself "is that some kind of drug ring" well actualy it is not. Bunco is a dice game that us gals like to play while catching up on gossip. I must say I think this group is going to be a lively one. More to come on that in the months ahead. Now onto today. After a little thing call work that often gets in my way I was off to shop with my neighbor. She has a new baby so this was a feat in itself. The amount of stuff you need to carry around a little thing that weighs less then 10 pounds is amazing. It took us 20 minutes to unload and that much more to load between each stop. It is amazing thought the way people feel like they are your best friend and want to talk when they see you have a baby. A little scary but polite I guess that every person walking by must make a funny face, say "how cute" or comment on the amount of hair this kid has (and that is a lot I must add). All baby handling aside I must say I found the cutest zebra print silk top and chuncky necklace for a brithday bast we are attending this weekend. If that commet does not add a bit of girl power to this blog nothing will. Anyway, it is very cute and I look forward to sporting out.

I am making it my pledge to do everything I can to bring a little estrogen to Incongruent-Affect.


Trent said...


BRATCH said...

Bunco? Yee-haw.

Surely you can find something better to do with your time.

As Tony would say from Seinfeld:

"You get no ruuuuush from Bunco."